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The brilliant, progressive risk structure sets the stage for heart opened learning in a short time. I did the entire series and heartily recommend them.

Healing the Mother Wound

What women have said:

"...a powerful weekend...I have more energy. I feel separate from my Mother and yet connected. I trust myself more. I am speaking my truth and asking for my needs." Retired Military.

"I am spinning less, telling myself stories less, and able to get through the fear and self consciousness that keeps me silent. Good to have a clearer appreciation of the gifts I got from Mom - a different way of looking at the things I saw as her 'bad' side. Thanks" -- Wilderness and First Aid Instructor

"I felt supported and encouraged to be all of me. I can now act from my core being, instead of reacting from my old habits." -- Software Engineer.

"Wow, if you want to experience personal power take this workshop!"

"I got clear on what I'd been holding on to and learned how to let it go."

"Loving myself is so much easier now that I have forgiven my Mom."

What men have said:

"Wonderfully skilled facilitator and her clear intention is that everyone get the most they can out of the seminar." -- Business Strategist

"I really, really appreciated the workshop and all the enthusiasm and energy put into it. I particularly loved that she helped me co-create my own process, and that experience has stayed with me." --Lawyer.

"I found attending the workshop a most rich and gifting experience. The container allowed me the safety and room to explore deep dimensions of my relationship with my mother and experience a level of healing, love and forgiveness that I had not achieved before that time. Additionally, the workshop has assisted me in feeling much more liberated with respect to all women."

"I am relating to my mother differently, in a freer and more positive way." -- Psychiatrist

"I reap the rewards every day. I am grateful." -- Biotech Engineer

"I found that the Healing the Mother Wound workshop was an extremely safe place that allowed me to go deep into my psyche. The work dredged up memories and feelings from the very beginnings of my past with my mother that has, after twenty years of therapy and numerous workshops, consistently eluded me." -- Novelist.

"I can love my mother more clearly for who she is, after releasing my anger for who she is not." -- Staff Engineer, Xerox.

"The facilitator was the most skilled, compassionate, and focused Facilitator I have ever experienced. She helped me break through issues and blocks that I had been working on for years in therapy." -- Contractor

“The workshop helped me tap into the eleven year old boy that I have been missing for so long.”

“The shock of my mother's tragic death 3 years ago left me numbed emotionally and spiritually…But I'm a "rational man" and moved forward as best I could. The Mother Wound Workshop opened the door to healing as well as growth in an extraordinary way."

“While never leaving the safety of feeling loved, you can risk exploring hidden experiences, knowing that you will return a stronger, more vibrant person. The thrill of breaking down barriers to becoming your true self is worth the ride.”.

Clearing the Air
Between Women & Men

What women have said:

"Opened my mind and heart for deeper intimacy with people. I learned so much about myself and gained a greater sense of freedom and acceptance."

"A real life-changing experience for me."

"I left with the largest capacity for love and loving that I have ever experienced. It has profoundly affected all my relationships." 

"Life is so much better when I am being real."

"This experience changed my core belief in who I had to be to be loved. Now I know I am lovable as I am, without being everyone's mother."

"When I arrived I was hopeless about the possibility of relating to men in general. I had no compassion or patience for men in general, and didn't have a sense of how my beliefs were determining that reality. I was gently moved from a place of over-but-inadequate self-protection, disbelief, mistrust of self, to a livable world where I not only feel much safer with myself around men, I am actually drawn to the male energy in general -- their process, their honor, their healing."

"Brilliant facilitators epitomize the ideal Mom and Dad. It worked me and allowed me to safely confront, acknowledge and over power any fear that was holding me back. In one quick weekend, I breathed, cried, confided, trusted, exposed, laughed and farted with a new family of beautiful women and men.

"Fabulous!  It did what my parents didn't do - prepare me for adulthood. I felt tremendously and continuously challenged while being fully supported to celebrate the success of accomplishment."

"The overall experience was expansive for me in terms of becoming aware of and healing my lack of trust with men. It helped me to see and to overcome my barriers to trust and intimacy with men especially."

"I found myself finally opening to the healing of trust and love, supported tenderly by my fellow healers."

"It supported me in being more honest about who I am."

"Knowingly experiencing intimacy for the first time n my life has given me hope and focus in my life."

"It was a leap for me into the uncovering of the places that I've wounded men and been wounded by them. You held the container for magic to happen."

"I found that I don't need a man in order to feel safe and protected."

What men have said:

"The brilliant, progressive risk structure sets the stage for heart opened learning in a short time. I did the entire series and heartily recommend them."

"Very positive - heart opening, healing."

"An exceptional opportunity to work gender issues with men and women who already have similar tools. The atmosphere accelerated my growth."

"You never outgrow your need for unconditional love."

"This was one of the richest, most transformative, most varied, most challenging and yet most nurturing workshops I've ever done, and I've done a bunch. Truly remarkably growth and insight packed into five days."

"Family Reunion has helped me eject from my life mannerisms that have plagued me for almost 60 years."

"The workshop will allow your body to remember wounds that are healed through interactive exercises. Be intense, it is great."

"The experience was exhilarating and challenging. It moved me closer to making life-changing decisions."

"Have reconciled with my wife after over a year separation. It helped that process continue to work in my soul."

"I went to a place that I have only been to in the Father Wound workshop. I let go."

On Re-Taking a Workshop

"Clearing the Air helped me see how I can interact with women in a clear, honest way and get my relational needs met in a deep, enjoyable way. Taking CTA a second time helped me see how real and how powerful this interaction is."

"My first experience with Healing The Father Wound brought me light years from where I began . . . yet I still held onto a childlike yearning for connection to my father. The second time through allowed me to grow into maturity and finally "let go" so I could move freely into my future. A secondary reason for repeating the workshop is that the first was in Wisconsin . . . and it just wasn't Harbin!"

"I came back to the Father Wound Workshop for the second time in the summer of '08. As a repeat participant (my first time through was fall of '04), I found it to be more meaningful than my first experience. The second time through built on the first one. I was able to see my father, and the wounds I carry from him, in a clear light. I was able to access the buried energy and release it in a "flooding way" -- which I had pulled back from in my first Father Wound experience. I encourage any man to do the Father Wound Workshop. And I recommend to "alumni" that they consider repeating the experience after a few years."

Healing the Father Wound

What women have said:

"At last I'm free of the pain. The feeling of completion and contentment is beyond words." Therapist

"A gentle and exhilarating experience that allowed me to release some "preverbal" messages I took in from my father." Dentist

"Even the second time around, the weekend had a major impact on my life. I was able to get in touch with and deal with aspects of my psyche that were previously unreachable." Magazine Publisher

"A powerful, complete experience of passage into healthy womanhood," Retired Military

"Unbelievable. The most help I've ever gotten." Therapist

"I've only begun to understand how challenging it is to become present in my life."

"Reached memories hidden for 36 years," Editor

"Filled in gaps of my 8 year recovery," Med. Tech

"Made light years of progress in one weekend,” Therapist

"I learned that a lot of my depression is pent up anger and it allowed me to bring in new energy."

"For the first time in my life, I feel fathered at the very core of my being. I contacted both my wailing infant and my warrior woman and made a quantum leap in my rediscovery of myself." Artist/Writer

"I had worked on my rage at my father for a long time, but not until I worked with you was I able to feel truly complete." Therapist

"For this first time in my life I feel like I have a place in my heart for my father." Woman Within facilitator.

"I was into feelings more than ever before," Video Producer.

"Gordon is dedicated to this work of healing father wounds and doing it with the love and compassion of a father." Professional

"The workshop enabled me to deal with my father issues in a supportive and caring environment."  Teacher

"Everyone should at least one time in their life experience this workshop for a more successful approach to living life on life's terms." Therapist

"A provocative and deep experience which allowed me the opportunity to see how I project my woundedness out into the world I live in and begin to make meaningful changes in my belief systems affording me the chance to be real." Professional homemaker

"It was fun. It wasn't all gloom and doom." Professional

"This is a safe, powerful and aware weekend that has improved my life and uncovered memories lost for years." Call girl

"Before your workshop, I was angry at my father for needing so much care and wishing he would just die. After I returned home, I found myself tender and gentle with him. Something clearly had changed in me." Therapist

"A timeless space to let loose, freedom to be whatever one needed."  Nurse-midwife.

"A warm, funny, positive and supportive facilitator. The environment you created was rich." Corporate Executive

"Incredible. I am still integrating, realizing what happened for me and I am experiencing a freedom that I have never known." Professional

"Powerful, intense, outrageous, wonderful," Professional

"I appreciated the many effective modalities used to get to the “wound” while simultaneously getting to the healing. By the end of the workshop, without really being aware of progress during the workshop, I found I’d taken a big leap through my unique problem into freedom from the past and into taking more responsibility for my present and my future. I had lightened up! While the Father Wound workshop transformed my relationship with Dad, my relationship to anger was even more deeply explored and changed. There are many “aha!” moments that are still powerful reference points for me today – 15 years later.

"A very powerful, life changing workshop. I just know my life will not ever be the same."

"Beyond my wildest expectations."

"I have been able to stand up for me and express my feelings like never before."

"What I needed to get on with my life."

"I was challenged more and released more than I have in any other workshop I have attended. People at home said I radiated and glowed."

What men have said:
"Before the weekend, I was aware of my childhood experiences and understanding of my parents' life histories and I understood and forgave. During the workshop a new road was opened for me, one of reintegrating my emotional body into my daily life."

"I have opened my heart for the first time in my life." Self-employed

"I learned that to be a real man, I must be real to myself," Consultant.

"I felt fathered for the first time." Craftsman

"A start on a new way to feel and think about my life. I'm already getting along better with me." Retired.

“I met someone new – me,” Retired Military

"I opened my heart for the first time in 46 years since my father's death." Self-employed

"I had done inner child work before but I found this experience put me much more in touch with my inner child." Sales Manager

"I found the workshop to be intensely moving and highly productive in cleaning up old shit. It was hard work and worth it." Craftsman

"The most important spiritual work I've done," Technician

"Opened doors for me that previously were locked and glued shut." Professional

"I learned that I am not the only one that hurts from what society has done to men. I though it was just me." Computer Engineer

“Excellent, fast, intense, loving,” Contractor

"I recommend that men experience both this and New Warrior. Each is a profound healing opportunity; yet each is different in design, focus and feel. I am grateful that I have had both experiences and did not have to choose between them." Personal Coach

"An excellent opportunity to clear-up issues with their dads, alive or dead."

"Pioneers new consciousness for men," Author and International Trainer

"Our wounds anchor deeply into our thought forms and our emotions. But most significantly, they take residence in the body. Gordon's work centers around moving the stagnant energy out of the body better than any I have ever experienced. I finally cleared my "father" out of my body, once and for all."

"I found doing the Father Wound workshop to be a most positive and deep experience. I've known for quite awhile that my old feelings towards my dad were negatively impacting my life in many ways. And from hearing men's story's in our many Hearth Keepers circles in the MKP/GW NWTA weekends I knew I was not alone. Gordon Clay, the leader of the workshop/ healing circle brought so much wisdom, experience, dedication and joy to the safe container we created. I saw men of varying degrees of experience in men's work take this workshop and all feel comfortable and adventuresome of this wonderful journey into men's hearts. I look forward to taking the Mother Wound workshop knowing that it also comes highly recommended by my brother's."

"A complement/supplement to New Warrior work, either before or after. It is one of the best workshops of its type available because Gordon is a master at what he does - a wonderful combination of presence and empathy and certainly a whole new dimension." Management Consultant

"New Warrior moved me to personal empowerment. The Father Wound to intense emotional liberation."

"The two workshops together have given me a much stronger sense of who I am as a man and the role I can play in the world."

"Very different, very challenging, very compatible."


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All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves, we must die to one life before we can enter into another! - Anatole France

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