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Healing the Mother Wound®

Shauna Wilson Mora re-created the Healing the Mother Wound® workshop with the intention to help men and women break out of cycles of self sabotaging behavior, and actively create the life and world they want.

The workshop confronted our old patterns, beliefs and stuffed emotions around our mother. Through our navel we have the visible evidence of our link to our biological mother - a link that is encoded with messages - our history, patterns, destiny, even our sense of self. We inherit our self worth from our mothers. We are tied to this woman who birthed us. And we are tied to the generations that preceded us.

In this workshop we addressed the birth mother, mother archetype, mother complex, goddess, and hag. We delved into mythology, archetypes and shadow aspects. We examined the power of the dark feminine, and the regenerative nature of the creator/destroyer. We explored how we project what we don't want to acknowledge in ourselves onto others. We came into this world through our mother's body. We have a purpose. When we can come out from under the shroud of shame, anger, resentment, fear, and isolation, we can be free to live our soul's purpose.

Shauna Wilson Mora was the Facilitator of this 3 night, 4 day workshop for 12 women or 12 men on both the East and West Coasts and retired the workshop in 2014. .

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My mother was dead for five years before I knew that I loved her very much.
Lillian Hellman

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