CTA Gathering Intention

CTA Community Gatherings provide a unique environment attempting to stay consistent with the intention of the CTA workshop. In this setting, we have the unusual opportunity to explore intimacy without sexual energy.

Although everyone at this gathering is at choice to explore sexuality outside of this weekend, the spirit and energy of our time together in this Gathering focuses upon open-hearted, non-sexual intimacy. Our desire: that you will help us achieve this goal.

This weekend is not only a place to have fun and create new friendships, we also get to practice awareness of what is going on within ourselves and our impact on others when we expand our connections in a non-sexual way. We hope to provide a safe place for all of us to step further into the vulnerability of sharing our true selves.

Unlike the experience some people had growing up, this is a family where there are no secrets. If you have even a hint that someone is pursuing you with anything other than the intentions stated above, this is a safe and supportive environment to speak about your concerns, either directly with that person (with the help of witnesses if need be) or with a community elder.

The foundation of this work is safety and openness. May the realness of our open hearts be our guide.